• نام کامل: DexterKissn
  • موبایل: 02635 76 64 58
  • تلفن: 02635 76 64 58
  • آدرس: Wallstrasse 79, Hammerstein
  • موقعیت: سهند, کردستان, Germany
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  • توضیحات کاربر: I'm a 43 years old, married and study at the university (Engineering). In my free time I try to learn Vietnamese. I have been twicethere and look forward to go there sometime in the future. I like to read, preferably on my ebook reader. I really love to watch Arrested Development and Grey's Anatomy as well as documentaries about anything geological. I love Conlanging. In case you loved this post and you desire to get more info relating to kikki k travel wallet generously pay a visit to the page.
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